The company invests in land, villas and apartments which can give high yields. The properties on which the company invests is unique aesthetic and the best points per area. Whether it’s on an island (on the sea, with spectacular views) or the city (in the main shopping streets).

The company focuses on properties being in developed or under-development areas. Specialized law and financial professional consultants create a long-term investment project, meeting our clients’ criteria. The goal of the company, is the properties on which we invest on, to reassure high apodosi.  The properties that are under development, have classified first by our professional team for their investment prospects.

With the completion of the project, our company gives you directions and solutions on investment prospects, aiming on long term and higher than average income.

Our company can also provide solutions and undertake the financial management , as well as the maintenance of the properties.

home projects Meganisi
home projects Meganisi

Competitive prices compared to other Mediterranean destinations.

A residence permit is granted for investments in excess of 250,000€ to non-EU residents and their families.

Overall low transaction costs.

Constant growing number of tourist visitors every year.

Relatively low cost of living (about %20 lower than the UK).

High rental yields for high quality holiday homes in good locations.


QUALITY | Mediterranean, outdoorsy, culture, healthy and social.

CONVENIENT | English is widely spoken, foreign newspapers and satellite television are widely available while satellite broadband internet covers %100 of the Greek inhabited territory.

HEALTH | Well-developed private and public healthcare systems.

EDUCATION | High standard education system offering good foreign private schools and top performing universities.

SAFE | One of the lowest crime rates in Europe with fewer than 60 recorded robberies per 100,000 people according to United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.

People with exceptional and exquisite taste can find a new home here with a comfortable feeling that will last.

Join the “Rich & Famous“ like British billionaire Jacob Rothschild, who already owns a sumptuous villa on the northern coast and has just bought 500 hectares in the undeveloped south. Considerable value enhancements constitute the properties.

The area has been a massive draw for the ultra wealthy for years. On summer visiting the island on mega boats – from Hollywood, like Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, to Roman Abramovich, Bill Gates, Armani and Madonna.

It goes without saying that we personally select our clients. We believe that a convenient environment includes an interesting and matching community.

We offer exceptional, representative property on this Ionian Island and manage all the legal steps that a buyer needs to do for buying a Greek Property.

“If you want to holiday with the oligarchs, sheikhs and buhzillionaires, just visit a world that’s out of this world“ says Caroline Phillips.

There’s an area so desirable that the masters of the universe are snapping up islands and peninsulas there. The new, must-buy or must-visit place for the richest men on earth is the Ionian. So it’s bye-bye to St. Trop, Tuscany and the Hamptons and hello to Meganissi – an Ionian island where there’s no tourist infrastructure and which only even got mains water and electricity in the Eighties. Are you surprised that that’s where the super-wealthy are going?

Investment is already starting to come to the island. Rybolovlev is a regular visitor and, attracted by his purchase of Skorpios, other Russians are joining wealthy Greeks and Italians in buying up property.

The late shipping billionaire Aristotle Onassis could have chosen anywhere in the universe. However he choose the Ionian area, Skorpios island, 1 mile from Meganissi, as his heaven.

The British billionaire Jacob Rothschild already owns one sumptuous villa on the northern coast and has just bought 500 hectares in the undeveloped south where he plans to build more. Roman Abramovich and sculptor Anish Kapoor are both keen to build homes on Lord R’s Meganissi estate.

The emir of Qatar bought six islands just two miles from Ithaca. The Sheikh’s islands include Oxia – roughly 20 nautical miles from Meganissi and the largest is 1200 acres – and cost a mere 7.35£ million. They’re uninhabited and he fell upon them when he moored his super yacht nearby.

On the 21st of October 2015 Ekaterina Rybolovleva, got married on………………..

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