Alimos project



AΛIMOS Residence is located in the most beautiful suburb of Athens at Vouliagmeni.
This unique part of Athens, is an area with modern and luxurious residences, green squares,
marinas, beach, hotels, golf course, plenty of shops, and some of the trendiest and luxurious
places for coffee, food and entertainment.
The property is 5 minutes away from the areas of Glyfada and Helinikon, where
there will be the new metropolitan park and just 7 miles away from the city center. The Hymettus
mountain is also 10 minutes away where you are lost in the scents of the mountain, the holm oak
and the thyme.
The 14 bespoke apartments, the gym, the spa, the sauna and the swimming pool of AΛIMOS
Residence promise their residents a luxurious and relaxing lifestyle.
Additional feature of the development is the communal terrace with the breathtaking views both
to the sea and the Hymettus mountain.

Project Description

Name: Alimos Residence
Location: Alimos (Athens)
Number of appartments: 14

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